IMSWARE is now iTWO fm

IMSWARE is now iTWO fm

After IMS is renamed RIB IMS now follows the rebranding of the CAFM software IMSWARE in iTWO fm. Some modules from IMSWARE were already integrated to the MTWO platform of RIB Software SE.

The CAFM software IMSWARE is now called iTWO fm. With the rebranding, manufacturer RIB IMS wants to show the integration of IMSWARE into the product group of iTWO solutions and underline its affiliation to the BIM, construction, planning and real estate management systems of the RIB group.


“The rebranding is an extension of the whole Portfolio of the RIB Group ”, emphasizes Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of RIB IMS. "The functionality and flexibility of IMSWARE will also be retained under the new brand iTWO fm. The software is being consistently expanded and adapted to new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI)."

RIB IMS understands the choice of the new name iTWO fm as a signal for solidarity with other iTWO products. With it, every user - whether long-term user or new customer - opens up broad portfolio of possibilities with the traditional values of quality and performance of RIB IMS.

iTWOfm logo RGB iTWO fm »RIB IMS

"The rebranding makes it clear that iTWO fm is now expanding the classic portfolio of planning and building, which RIB already covers with the iTWO products, to include operations," says Heinrichs. With iTWO solutions, users can now cover the entire life cycle of a property.

"The new name also shows that every user of our CAFM solution can safely and easily expand it in the direction of planning and building," assures Heinrichs and emphasizes: "Of course, this also applies to existing IMSWARE installations, regardless of whether these premise or cloud applications. They can easily be supplemented with further iTWO components. For customers who do not make use of the additional options, the proven range of functions is of course still available."

The new product name iTWO fm is replaced with the upcoming major release of the software in the next quarter. iTWO 4.0 users have already access to iTWO fm.

At the same time, other product lines are being introduced to the new product name. IMSWARE.FTTx will be named iTWO fttx, IMSWARE.NET becomes iTWO net and IMSWARE.ICT becomes iTWO ict.


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