IMSWARE User Meeting 2010 - How it was

IMSWARE user meeting 2010

The 7th IMSWARE user meeting proved once again to be a great success. For users and experts. The IMS invited on 10.11.2010 in the Welcome Hotel to Wesel. In a relaxed and new environment, we met well-known but also new faces that were curious about the topic "Trends and Technologies around IMSWARE".

After the official welcome by Harald Schmitz (IMS), the day started with a talk about the innovations of IMSWARE 2011.

True to the motto of this year's event "Trends and Technologies" we were with the lectures on the IMSWARE dashboard (key figures cockpit) and IMSWARE.FTTx (Solution for broadband networks) just right.

This year's guest lecture was held by Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker Joachim Meier from IC information company Schweiz, a partner company of IMS. The importance and impact of inadequate data quality and how to avoid it has been explained with impressive facts. The DQA IMSWARE concept "Data Quality Assurance in IMSWARE" met with great interest among the visitors.

"The important talks take place in the breaks!" We have taken up this statement and can only agree with that. Innovations were discussed and important questions answered. We are very happy and proud of the positive response we have received from our customers regarding their satisfaction with the new venue and the entire daily routine.

We would like to thank all participants and look forward to the next year when it is again "Welcome to the IMSWARE User Meeting 2011".

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