IMSWARE with new module state management

IMSWARE with new module state management

IMSWARE has gotten an extension: With the module state management, users can document the condition of plants and components and determine forecasts for the next replacement time. This makes the medium and long-term planning much easier, and phases in which the replacement requirement accumulates become transparent at the push of a button, so that provision can be made accordingly. At the same time, the reports help to argue for fund raising for construction maintenance.

The state management module is a strategic tool for short, medium and long term investment and financial planning. Based on the control life for components and systems, the module automatically calculates the replacement intervals. If the user examines numerous components in parallel over their running time, he immediately recognizes where peaks are formed so that he can plan ahead accordingly and in the necessary width.

The evaluation of the module state management is based on the DIN 276, the extrapolations are done in detail up to the fifth year, up to the tenth year roughly broken down. The extended window of opportunity deliberately goes beyond a medium-term planning period of five years, as important components such as roof, façade and electrical installations have a significantly longer service life and require very high investments during renovation or replacement.

"The management including renovation and redevelopment accounts for 90 percent of the costs over the life of a building," says Thorsten Hilmer, an expert on life-cycle management IMS, the base. "With the module state management, we derive investment decisions and prioritize these according to the three categories legally necessary, operationally necessary and comfort."

The evaluation of the projected service life takes into account not only the technical service life on the basis of the catalog of the Federal Ministry of Construction, but also the usage-dependent service life. For the most realistic results, a flexible price increase is also available. Essential cost centers such as the 300 (construction costs), 400 (technical building equipment), 500 (outdoor facilities) or 700 (construction costs) are also taken into account.

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