INservFM 2016: Module Cleaning for the CAFM Cloud Solution IMSWARE.GO!

INservFM 2016: Cleaning module for the CAFM Cloud solution iTWO fm.GO!

On time for INservFM shows IMS on Stand A19, Hall 11 the module cleaning management for the CAFM Cloud Solution IMSWARE.GO! Manufacturer IMS extends the functionality of its cloud solution with numerous details that create more performance and comfort.

The cleaning module offers not only the classic planning of cleaning and implementation but also area planning. It allows to set cleaning standards and qualities. Cleaning cycles can be specified according to standards such as the Hamburg or Frankfurt model. For optimum transparency, the cleaning module offers the executing service provider the option of self-checking.

IMSWARE.GO! works on the basis of the forward-looking HTML5 standard and can be used on any end device. The really special thing is that she knows her roots. Because IMSWARE.GO! integrates seamlessly into the stationary IMSWARE. And uses the same database.

IMS points up Stand A19, Hall 11 the INservFM 2016 the cleaning management module for IMSWARE.GO!

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