Janna Büscher joins Consulting at IMS

Janna Büscher joins Consulting at IMS

IMS reinforces with Janna Büscher Consulting Team for expertise in business administration. In her position, Büscher will ensure the smooth implementation of customer requirements in IMSWARE at the interface between customer and product.

Janna Büscher is a trained industrial clerk and has successfully completed her studies in business administration at the Cologne Business School, also at the University of Duisburg-Essen, in the field of cultural management with a focus on contemporary East Asian Studies. She also worked for customer service companies and acquired extensive technical knowledge as part of her job. In her position at IMS will bring the 29-year-old their experience and knowledge in the care of new and existing customers. Their work will also benefit from their intercultural knowledge through a longer stay abroad.

"It was easy for me to opt for IMS because I find the technical perspective very motivating," says Büscher. In addition you have the working atmosphere immediately promised: "The high degree of collegiality that I have experienced in the first few weeks, has a very positive and helps to set goals quickly."

"Janna Büscher is a great addition to our business, technical and intercultural experience Team"Says Dr. Christian Bernhart, Managing Director of IMS. "We are very pleased to have won her for IMS."

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