Construction company LEONHARD WEISS chooses IMSWARE for its CAFM

Leonhard Weiss uses iTWO fm

The construction company operating throughout Europe LEONHARD WEISS will be CAFM-supported FM with IMSWARE. More than 300 operationally necessary properties will be systematically recorded and professionally managed in IMSWARE in the future.

Selected was IMSWARE from ten shortlisted products. The requirements included certification according to GEFMA 444, high, diverse and powerful modules and compatibility with BIM and IFC and seamless integration into the existing IT landscape.

The modern interface, user-friendliness and the fact that IMSWARE belongs to the RIB group.

In order to maintenance to improve, costs and to increase safety, the first step will be to develop the main modules. maintenance, Technical asset management and Land management used. Further modules are to follow.

About Leonhard Weiss

Leonhard Weiss is an active construction company with two headquarters in Göppingen and Satteldorf. But the company is also active in large parts of Europe. The group of companies was founded in 1900 and employs around 5,800 people. In 2019, Leonhard Weiss generated a construction output of 1.6 billion euros. Among other things, the company's real estate portfolio includes more than 300 properties in Germany alone, including office buildings, warehouses, flats and residential buildings.

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