Property and Facility Management for the district of Friesland

Property and Facility Management for the district of Friesland

The district of Friesland, in the northwest of Lower Saxony, operates its buildings and properties with immediate effect IMSWARE, A more efficient processing of the processes, transparent results and thus better basis for decision-making are the most important goals that the district pursues.

Crucial factors were the professionalism, competence and punctuality of the IMS as well as the easy handling, module variety and adaptability of IMSWARE. In addition, the district gave a convincing impression during a reference visit to the region.

In order to obtain a precise overview of the building stock, the focus in the first stage of expansion is on the survey of all buildings. A precise introduction schedule with defined sub-goals is set up, priorities agreed and the order of the modules to be implemented determined: Basis including graphics, budget management, order management, maintenance management, energy management, area and room management and cleaning management.

IMSWARE creates transparency and unambiguousness by considering different data sources. With IMSWARE, the district of Friesland has a solution that fully meets the ever-increasing demands of building management.

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