The palace of the Maharajah, Mullewapp and CAFM

The palace of the Maharajah, Mullewapp and CAFM

The Hannover Adventure Zoo has selected IMSWARE for the management and maintenance of its theme worlds, buildings, parks, IT and technology. The zoo will be with the CAFM solution to optimize the costs of Yukon Bay, Mullewapp, the palace of the Maharaja and Co., to improve processes and to further increase work and operational safety.

Zoos are highly complex facilities with a variety of structures, a variety of services and sophisticated technical equipment. In this environment, IMSWARE can now play its many opportunities. The Hannover Adventure Zoo has selected the system after careful examination from a group of five providers.

In the first step, the Hannover Adventure Zoo will be maintained, Maintenance, green maintenance and cleaning control and analyze with the software. Perspectively, vehicle fleet service clothing and room management are also in view.

"The decisive factor for IMSWARE was the ease of use of the ticketing system, the tailor-made introduction concept and the future orientation of the program," says Andreas M. Casdorff, Managing Director of Zoo Hannover GmbH. The decision for the system was made in the fall of 2016. In January 2017, the implementation began, the first was the system fed with a variety of data.

"We are pleased to be able to use this complex ticketing system productively in a relatively short time," says Casdorff on today's go-live. He expects first usable data for the optimization of processes and the evaluation of costs in about six months.

IMSWARE is in the zoo as Client-server system installed in-house, the connected cloud solution IMSWARE.GO! gives craftspeople of the zoo and contractors targeted access to assignments and documents necessary for their work. Zoo employees also have a maintenance app and help desk available.

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