Mebedo GmbH-New partner for the IMS

Mebedo GmbH New partner for the IMS

"Simple testing and exact documentation of the safety of work equipment and electrical installations. For maximum legal certainty in your company", is the declared aim of this partnership according to Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS and Dr Thorsten Neumann, Managing Director of MEBEDO GmbH.

At present, each manufacturer supplies software developed specifically for its measuring instruments. The consequence: users spend a lot of time familiarising themselves with the respective programmes. In order to create synergies and costs to save money, the IMS and MEBEDO GmbH, a solution provider in the field of legally compliant electrical engineering in industry, the electrical trade and medical technology, have agreed to cooperate.

Creating a legally secure organisational structure and making hazard management processes more efficient and cost-effective can only be achieved with the support of suitable software. With IMSWARE you only have one integrated software for all measuring instruments of the market-leading manufacturers.

Easy readout and control. Automatic measurement and calibration. Creation of complete test reports. Adaptation of all test specifications. Exact overviews of all used work equipment. Quality assurance tool for ISO safe documentation.

Just to name a few advantages of the software.

Synergies result from the connection to professional testing and logging software. Convenient and fast documentation of the tests carried out is made possible. An IT-supported inspection organisation simplifies all processes, provides transparency and also offers targeted weak point analyses and structural examinations of work equipment.

Conclusion: You save time and money. You save training effort, gain transparency about condition, location, inspector, inspection date and Cost centre.

For maximum legal certainty.

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