Medical device management from the web

Medical device management from the web

IMS has revised its medical device management module, expanded the data model and completely integrated the module into the Cloud Solution IMSWARE.GO! integrated. It is now possible to manage medical devices with IMSWARE entirely from the cloud and on mobile devices, while at the same time accessing all flanking documentation for medical devices, authorized personnel, contracts and other files. An operation within the own clinic is of course also possible.

The requirements of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and the Medical Device Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) place high demands on the management of medical devices. With the revision of the medical device management module, IMS now fully covers it in the cloud solution IMSWARE.GO! from.

Especially in the areas of device briefing, device type profiles and employee management IMS The Medical Device Management module improves: With multiple options for assigning devices to specific groups of people as well as individuals, device management becomes faster, simpler and more flexible.

Control of admissions has also been given extensive control mechanisms: for example, user instructions can only be given by personnel who are identified as equipment representatives and have themselves been instructed in the respective device types as part of a commissioner's briefing. First and repeat instructions are quickly scheduled, audit-proof stored and reminders of repetitive briefings can be easily automated.

Through full integration with IMSWARE.GO! all relevant data on devices and authorized personnel are also available to mobile stations' medical device representatives. Qualifications and authorizations are thus reliably verified. Further information such as test documents, manuals, contracts and other documents relating to devices are available at any time.

"With the full integration of medical device management in IMSWARE.GO! hospitals can also achieve the highest degree of reliability, flexibility and security within the framework of their legal obligations, even on the move and from the cloud ", says Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. "And as part of ours powerful CAFM platform Medical device management can be integrated and managed integrally with building management. "

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