Municipal data center krz relies on IMSWARE

Municipal computer centre krz relies on iTWO fm

The Municipal computer center Minden-Ravensberg / Lippe (krz) sets for Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) IMSWARE now. The Lemgo IT service provider has one with IMS GmbH framework agreement closed and the software already at first communities implemented. The contract includes both the CAFM-IMSWARE software in the classic variant as a client-server-solution as well as a IMSWARE.GO! for cloud-based cases of the mobile application. Both variants are interconnected and can thus be used integratively.

"With IMSWARE, users very easily and reliably get a comprehensive overview of Maintenance, maintenancecleaning and meeting deadlines, which is particularly important with regard to the operator liability is important", says Martin Kroeger, Head of Financial Services at krz.

A particular challenge was the integration of IMSWARE into the already proven software offering of the Lemgo-based IT service provider. The CAFM system must be able to be seamlessly connected to a wide variety of municipal applications, including the document management system (DMS) nscale, the business process management solution "Metastorm" and the financial management application Axians Infoma (also known as newsystem kommunal). In addition, IMSWARE must be very flexibly configurable because of the different workflows of the krz users.

As a pilot customer has the Kreis Lippe introduced the CAFM software from IMS. In a first step, he uses the modules budget management and construction contracting. Directly from the building management system, for example, the Eigenbetrieb Lippe district schools its available funds. There are no queries to the district treasury or the finance department. Step by step, maintenance and additional modules introduced.

The City of Vlotho has also started the roll-out of IMSWARE, other municipalities are in the process of preparing the roll-out, including the Minden-Lübbecke district, All users use IMSWARE as ASP solutionThe software is securely hosted at BSI-certified krz.

As a specialised IT service provider, the Zweckverband offers its municipal users a wide range of solutions. It employs more than 250 employees, the 8,500 Computer-Workplaces in 3 districts and 36 municipalities. Over 600 more Customer from the local environment use services of krz. This will be direct or indirect over 11 million inhabitants cared for in NRW with services from Lemgo.

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