APP for inventory with handheld scanner and smartphone

APP for inventory with handheld scanner and smartphone

With a new one APP simplified and accelerated IMS Inventory and stocktaking: IMSWARE.APP Inventory combines mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs with mobile hand-held scanners to create a handy and powerful tool.

IMSWARE.APP Inventory is a capture and matching tool that works closely with the main system IMSWARE is networked. With the help of defined workflows for inventory and stocktaking, users create inventory processes that are transferred to the mobile device as a template. The workflow is then largely automatic. All that is required is that the mobile device is connected to the hand-held scanner.

Once IMSWARE.APP Inventory has been started, the APP the stored template and guides the user through the working day. The processes are mainly controlled by scanner, the system automatically recognises rooms based on the barcode and can also distinguish inventory or equipment from them. This means that the smartphone and tablet can usually remain in the pocket and only the scanner for the inventory or stocktaking has to be operated.

Displays on the device guide the user through the individual steps of each data collection - with the help of predefined templates, new objects can thus be newly recorded and evaluated with minimal data input. This simplifies the recording, saves time and creates more security for consistent data thanks to the always identical process. dates. And if no hand-held scanner is available on site, the integrated camera of the smartphone or tablet PC can also be used. But then the device cannot remain in the pocket.

IMSWARE.APP Inventory is now available for all mobile devices with the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

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