New contract partner for the IMS

New contract partner for the IMS

The IMS has won the KomFIT (Kommunale Forum für Informationstechnik) as a new partner and signed a framework agreement. All municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein as well as numerous members of the municipal state associations are thus granted special conditions for the CAFM system IMSWARE.

The Kommunale Forum für Informationstechnik is the joint coordination and counseling center of the Schleswig-Holstein City Association, the Schleswig-Holstein Landkreis Day and the Municipal Day for the area of municipal information and communication technology. The aim of the KomFIT is to optimize the IT deployment of municipalities with expert support. KomFIT performs the tasks in a project-oriented organization, which is controlled by project management. The work results will be made available to all Schleswig-Holstein municipalities.

The concluded framework agreement between the IMS and the Kommunale Forum für Informationstechnik applies to all of Schleswig-Holstein.

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