New IMSWARE version at INservFM 2016

New iTWO fm version at INservFM 2016

IMS has released the new IMSWARE 2016. The latest version of the software for CAFM and network management offers numerous extensions and improvements. Among other things, it improves the global search, auto-filters and rental management. The top 10 customer wishes, which were collected at the User Day 2014 and put to the vote until the beginning of 2015, have also been incorporated. The new software version shows IMS at INservFM at Stand H11.0-A19.

Special attention has IMS on the search function: On the one hand, it now enables even faster and simpler searches, but on the other hand it also has an expert mode. This shows various attribute values and can save search schemes so that they are permanently available and speed up routine queries. dates can be filtered in list views analogous to Excel.

IMSWARE 2016 offers full compatibility with Windows 10, connectivity to LibreOffice 4 and supports Microsoft Office 2016. The "Previous" feature is new. module", which facilitates switching between modules and further speeds up the work.

In the FM-With the new IMSWARE 2016 version, the strategic occupancy planning is supplemented by a graphic editor with which workplaces can be easily and intuitively created individually for each floor. A new addition is a room wizard. It supports the user in the division and combination of rooms directly in a CAD-Graphics. If required, PDF files can be generated automatically on the basis of CAD layouts. Referenced drawings can be edited directly in IMSWARE through the new XRef Manager, a separate CAD editor is not necessary for this.

Improvements in the Rental Management include the visibility of individual tabs for different user groups, which can be adjusted to suit individual users. Optioned rental contracts can be marked and VAT amounts can be shown.

The NET version of IMSWARE 2016 enables the import of network connections across distributors with the new interface IMSWARE.IMPORT already in the standard. A route that is currently open by a staff member can be blocked for other staff members.

Customers with a maintenance contract receive the new software version free of charge in the customer area, the direct update to IMSWARE 2016 is possible from IMSWARE 2015. The new software version shows IMS on the INservFM on Stand H11.0-A19.

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