New messaging module for IMSWARE.GO!

New messaging module for iTWO fm.GO!

IMS has its web-based CAFM solution IMSWARE.GO! extended by a messenger module for message delivery. The im Base System The included module can be used in a variety of ways to improve communication and workflow in everyday working life.

The Messenger module goes far beyond a simple message window in its scope of performance. In addition to simple text messages in the style of a chat, the module also allows, for example, object files, dashboard links or workflows to be edited directly from IMSWARE.GO! take over and send. The workflows can be flagged here as a task to execute or as an order for finalization.

As addressees, individual employees as well as freely composed or pre-defined employee groups can be contacted. A timer allows you to prepare messages in advance and have them sent later by the module once or in series. The validity of a message can also be set here, for example to 11.30 am to 2.30 pm of the current date for the dispatch of a canteen day pass.

The user also controls the presentation for the receiver. Depending on the priority, there are three options to choose from: a flashing icon with a subordinate character. A pop-up window for more important messages. And for high urgency, the ability to completely darken the screen and only display the message that must be acknowledged for confirmation with a mouse click.

The messaging module is in the basic system of IMSWARE.GO! included, it is now available to every user.

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