Operator responsibility in the FM

Operator responsibility in the FM

Providing facts and answering questions - this is the intention of the first website to Theme operator responsibility in Germany, which is systematic, easy to understand and free of technical Chinese dealing with the topic.

Created in collaboration with specialist authors, the site is now available reach online.

Detached from the in-house software, the new website is dedicated exclusively to operator responsibility. Basic questions are answered and there are indications of how to proceed in the exercise of operator responsibility.

Important Technical terms and abbreviations explains the glossary of the page, a quiz assumes the operator responsibility from the humorous side. Specialist articles provide insight into how operator responsibility can be implemented in practice.
"The topic of operator responsibility is an essential component of responsible facility management, but for many the topic is also very confusing," says Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. "The new offer provides important information centrally on the Web and helps those responsible in the jungle to orient. "
IMS expressly does not understand the website as an advertising channel for CAFM software and modules. Therefore the new site has got its own domain, as well as an independent design.

The operator responsibility website is now under www.btvw.de available.

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