Secured: SIGNAL IDUNA relies on IMSWARE

Secured: SIGNAL IDUNA relies on IMSWARE

The insurance and financial services provider SIGNAL IDUNA will work in the future IMSWARE.GO! as CAFM software. It's the first one CAFM solution for the group. The cloud-based version of IMSWARE is operated in the group's own data center. It will be used for the support of the maintenance management and the Operator responsibility be used. Other important areas are investment planning, energy management and occupational safety.

With SIGNAL IDUNA, another insurance company chooses IMSWARE as their facility management software. With the CAFM solution, the SIGNAL IDUNA pursues a variety of goals. First and foremost here is the subject of maintenance management with ticketing and the support of operator responsibility. Consistent performance management of internal and external contractors, transparency and audit security in reporting are other aspects that are dealt with by the CAFM system. Likewise, cost management for buildings and areas, a more efficient Energy management as well as the uniform documentation with regard to the Industrial Safety Ordinance on the objectives to be implemented.

In addition to the main system and flanking modules, there are also interfaces to SAP, AVA software for tendering, awarding and billing of construction works as well as accompanying ones CAFM Apps to the service package.

IMSWARE replaces the previous inconsistent FM solution, which is essentially based on Office programs. Other existing components such as software for building management systems and CAD will complement the new CAFM solution integratively. With the CAFM system, SIGNAL IDUNA can now merge and unify all building data, creating data integrity and eliminating potential divergences.

The selection of the CAFM system took place in the context of a call for tender accompanied by an external consultant. "The contract was awarded to IMSWARE because the CAFM software was the best fit for our objectives, "says Ingo Burmeister from Facility Management at SIGNAL IDUNA. In addition, the price-performance ratio of the CAFM solution from Dinslaken is very good.

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