First intelligent REG-IS integration in CAFM software

First intelligent REG-IS integration in CAFM software

At their user meeting, on October 23 in Oberhausen, has IMS now the first intelligent integration of the regulatory information system REG-IS into one CAFM software presented in Germany. IMSWARE is the first software on the market to access the content of the REG-IS database via web service and filter the results precisely for the respective user and the facility concerned. Users can quickly and accurately fulfill the obligations that apply to them, establish legal security easily and sustainably, fulfill the obligations of operator responsibility that apply to them and protect themselves against personal liability.

The Regulatory Information System REG-IS comprises some 1,900 sets of laws, regulations and standards, as well as standards and test specifications, which are valid depending on state, city, facility and use in different constellations. IMSWARE is the first CAFM software to be able to filter out the rules that are relevant for the specific individual case and make them available to the user.

IMSWARE filters the REG-IS information according to obligations that apply to operators who prescribe concrete activities and are accompanied by concrete guidelines or recommendations. As a result, the requirements of operator responsibility are optimally met, while resources are spared in the company.

To assign the information from the rules to individual objects, it is sufficient to simply drag and drop the results from the REG-IS database to the respective objects in IMSWARE. A simple and easy-to-understand tree structure is available for this purpose. The assignment is firmly anchored as an attribute in the respective object. IMSWARE regularly queries changes in the rules and displays them in the dashboard of the object. At the same time, IMSWARE monitors inspection intervals, reminds of upcoming appointments and delivers alerts in case of negligence. Also, the mixed use of real estate can IMSWARE considered, so that for each area only the rules apply, which must be observed.

The connection to REG-IS is made via a web service, the query to the REG-IS database is sent via a fixed port. The content receives IMSWARE as an XML string, updating after each activity.

The REG-IS integration is now available as a module for IMSWARE. It can be used directly after installation and registration with REG-IS.

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