Forschungszentrum Jülich - area management with IMSWARE

Jülich Research Centre - Space Management with iTWO fm

"We research comprehensive solutions for the major societal challenges of the future..." is the first sentence of the mission statement of Forschungszentrum Jülich. Around 4600 employees, 250 buildings, 650 objects and a gross floor area of 420,000m² make it one of the largest research facilities in Europe.

The Jülich campus also needs comprehensive solutions for the fast and accurate management of all its space. With the increasing mechanisation of building operation, the demands on the buildings and the corresponding services are being permanently changed.

A transparent and uniform data basis is thus an essential prerequisite for optimised land management, also with respect to the operating cost, for all facilities of the research centre. Only a powerful tool enables staff to provide the maximum amount of information in a short time with little effort.

The IMSWARE Space management is used for the constructional and structural development of the properties, for space and room management and for central documentation and data provision for the technical area. A faster and flexible provision of information with regard to service-oriented building maintenance and economic building management are the top priorities at Jülich. In the future, the research centre wants to use the cleaning managementThe company will also introduce a new system for the management of contracts, fire and occupational health and safety.

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