Research project SPIDER: Successfully completed

Research project SPIDER: Successfully completed

"Research for Civil Security" - this is the theme under which research for the project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research took place in 2009 SPIDER (Security System for Public Institutions in Disasterous Emergency scenaRios) began. The aim was to create a shared federation system that provides the greatest possible protection and rescue for people in emergency situations. Using the example of a realistic scenario, it was examined how the organizations involved in the rescue can exchange information that is more relevant and relevant to the task more quickly.

"Increasing civil security based on CAFM" - The IMS investigated a way to assist the emergency services with safety-related data of buildings and their technical equipment. Firefighters, police and relief organizations are now able to communicate with each other and with the systems of the affected location. The art was not just providing information, but distributing the right information to the right people at the right time.

In the future, IMS will continue to engage in security research and demonstrate its expertise in the field of research in new projects.

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