Defining, recognizing and optimizing resources.

Defining, recognizing and optimizing resources.

For Facility Management in hospitals, in contrast to an office building, there are a large number of application areas. These result on the one hand from the high technical building equipment and on the other hand from the need to ensure a smooth workflow between all involved. IMSWARE is used in the Darmstadt, Trier and Nauen hospitals as a software solution for the management, administration and organization of all resources. Together, the clinics come to over 2000 beds.

Cost savings and the optimization of uninterrupted running time. Malfunctions and malfunctions must be reacted quickly. IMSWARE convinced with modern, innovative technology which is also powerful and easy to handle. A reference visit to the hospitals Siegen brought the necessary, important and decisive information.

In engineering, all building drawings are managed as CAD files in IMSWARE. Due to the layer structure of the CAD drawings, it is possible to fade in and fade out any layer, which enormously increases the clarity. The result is a variety of data that is used for area monitoring and inventory management. The central location of the building data is particularly efficient, as it allows fast access to the required information.

Coordination office for most affairs in a hospital is the administration. Information from all sections of the hospital must be in perfect condition. With the help of IMSWARE, all information can be stored centrally and used for further use. Data is rapidly increasing in size as more departments contribute information. This also expands the application possibilities of the software with further numerous IMSWARE modules.

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