Servparc 2019 successful for IMS

Servparc 2019 successful iTWO fm

IMS also took part in the first Servparc as an exhibitor: the format is appealing, the response is satisfying, the perspective good. So could be the result of the two-day presentation of IMSWARE, IMSWARE.GO!ours Apps (Apple / Android) and also from iTWO (at the booth was also the RIB as a sub-exhibitor).

The number of discussions remained at the level of the past few years and is comparable to the results of the previous event INservFM. The quality of the interested parties is also right, the focus this year was in the free economy and in the range of services.

Striking was the significant increase in interest in BIM, which we with our Guide BIM and CAFM, our BIM interface and also through the connection of IMSWARE and RIB iTWO could suitably present for each claim. But also classic FM topics such as area management, cleaning, maintenance, help desk or Operator responsibility are still important content that we can serve.

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