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Since 2010, Svenja IMSWARE has adapted to customer requirements, programmed interfaces and is responsible for various modules. After work, she solves jigsaw puzzles of up to 3000 pieces or she cycles through Europe on holiday.

Who works with our software knows: IMSWARE is flexible. This is important, as it allows users to easily solve many tasks themselves and organize many processes on their own. But there are still moments when it would be nice to do something different. If a function was additionally available or if a button is missing. At least that's what it feels like. But is customizing always better? Or is the standard already sufficient?

Customizing - always useful?

The desire for an extra is quickly there, but that does not mean that it always makes sense to implement it. That's not because we would not like such work in software development. The reason is rather that such a development causes costs that have to be amortized.

Therefore, special solutions should always be chosen wisely. The aspects of necessity, utility and investment must be carefully weighed up against each other. Is the gain in time essential? Is security increased during capture or processing? Would changing a larger group of users facilitate access or streamline processes?

Aspects like these should be clearly answered with "yes" before customizing becomes a topic.

Think about updates

Also to keep in mind is the topic of updates. Some customizing is uncritical when a new version of the standard software or a module is imported. But there are also interventions in the software, which can not be flanked by an update and therefore make rework necessary. This can result in further costs later, which must also be carefully examined.

Customer wishes as standard

On the other hand, customizing requests are always welcome - and not in any case, this means extra expense for the users. Because there are requests that are made by multiple users and indicate a chance for improvements in the software.

In such cases, our product management contacts the customers and explains the change requests. This can improve IMSWARE so that as many users as possible benefit from the new features when the next update comes.

However, some of these changes take a little longer, because they intervene very deeply in basic structures. Then it could also be the next but one update, with which the new function is rolled out. But if it makes sense, it certainly comes.

Customizing out of the standard

Since IMSWARE is very flexible, the software can also be customized without departing from the standard. On the one hand, IMSWARE offers a solution that is not activated in the basic settings via its versatile setting options for many requirements. Sometimes a simple click is enough to bring about the desired improvement. A call to our support can quickly provide the solution, and that for free.

On the other hand, there are the possibilities to insert customer-specific changes into IMSWARE without having to deviate from the standard. These include, for example, these three:

  • Send e-mails from processes (with file attachment)
  • Export files from processes
  • Combine processes by evaluations


Is customizing a good idea? If we formulate the question a little differently, the answer becomes easier: Is adaptation a good idea?

Adapting a standard software to your own requirements is always a good idea. But only if it helps to streamline processes, make work more effective, reduce errors, obtain more meaningful evaluations or introduce more users to the software.

If these adjustments can be realized through the possibilities of setting up IMSWARE, there is no reason to act quickly. On the other hand, if the adjustments require development work and therefore cost (and cost time!), They should be carefully reviewed.

We like to work for you. Especially if it pays for you in the long term.


Best regards

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