Technology Meets Football - A Review of the IMSWARE User Meeting 2012

Technology Meets Football - A Review of the IMSWARE User Meeting 2012

New year, new location - another success. Over 50 participants from 30 companies met in Düsseldorf for the IMSWARE user meeting at the Tulip Inn Hotel in the ESPRIT arena. The fact that the mobile phones and cameras did not stand still when the participants arrived was clearly due to the unique view of the venue of Fortuna Düsseldorf. With the new impressions gathered, the event began with Harald Schmitz, Head of Customer Care, welcoming the participants. Afterwards, Managing Director Dr Christian Bernhart looked back in his presentation on 25 years of success of the IMS and took the participants on a journey into the past. The look back was supported by collected, archived material such as brochures, flyers and old price lists, which generated great interest especially among long-time users.

The other presentations "IMSWARE innovations" and "Tips and tricks for the software" made the pens glow. The participants eagerly followed every click of the live presentation and asked inquisitive questions. For the subsequent round of talks, the participants met for a lively exchange about individual experiences with IMSWARE. Afterwards, the cameras and mobile phones were taken out again, because the exclusive guided tour of the ESPRIT arena and the players' entry into the hallowed halls had to be captured on film and made many a football heart beat faster. In keeping with the theme, Kai Baumann, technical director of the ESPRIT arena, gave a lecture on the "Infrastructural CAFM in the ESPRIT arena Düsseldorf with IMSWARE" and "The challenge of one of the most modern and largest event venues in Europe". At the same time, the participants were given an interesting insight into the work behind the scenes and the operational capability of the multifunctional arena. "How are you going to top that!". We heard this statement several times and are very pleased and proud of the unequivocally positive feedback we received from our users regarding their satisfaction with the venue and the entire day's proceedings.

We look forward to seeing you again next year for the 10th anniversary of the IMSWARE User Meeting.

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