The wide bridge between IFC and CAFM

The wide bridge between IFC and CAFM

With the new IMSWARE.BIM IMS creates the first highly flexible connection to enable any BIM-dates into a CAFM system to be transferred. Besides classical IFC-files and those from BIM software such as Revit, IMSWARE.BIM also understands the CAFM-Connect, including the recently introduced version 3.0, as well as other proprietary XML formats.
IMSWARE.BIM is able to intelligently map existing BIM data. Among other things, data can be broken down by type of use according to DIN 277 assign. Individual adjustments are possible so that any freely selected nomenclature is supported. Even IFC proxy classes for unknown objects can be meaningfully resolved.

An additional plus in flexibility and security: Users can create macros themselves, on the basis of which IMSWARE.BIM takes over and edits available data. In addition, users can edit their data live. This high degree of flexibility and customisation is essential in the heterogeneous CAFM market.

"BIM is an increasingly important aspect for CAFM. Accordingly, it is now indispensable for CAFM providers to offer users flexible and versatile access to the world of Building Information Modelling," says Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. "With IMSWARE.BIM, we are the first CAFM manufacturer in the market to provide this access comprehensively," emphasises Heinrichs.

IMSWARE.BIM is already being used in initial pilot projects. Further details are available directly from us.

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