Traditional IMSWARE user meeting again convinces as an ideal dialogue platform

iTWO fm user meeting again convinces as ideal dialogue platform

'Family meeting'was how IMS Managing Director Michael Heinrichs described the annual IMSWARE event in his welcome address at the Hotel Fire & Ice in Neuss. Familiar and also new faces among the approximately 100 participants made the user meeting on 8 November into what it has long been known for - a day entirely dedicated to users.

The mixture of dialogue, information, advice and fun was very well received by the participants and made the 14th user meeting a great success. Especially during the constructive exchange of experiences, both sides were able to gain valuable information to further optimise the cooperation in the future. Those responsible at IMS received consistently positive feedback after the event. 'The user meeting makes you want more'written in an e-mail that reached us the day after the event.

The managing directors of IMS ushered in the programme directly with a highlight. IMSWARE 2017 and IMSWARE.GO! - Further developments, features and a look into the future. Clearly arranged storage of dialogues/actions, individual adjustments, extended use of the working memory and no less than five new modules for IMSWARE.GO! (Medical technology, Energy management, locking system management, IMSWARE.Maps, messaging). Just an excerpt of highlights of the upcoming version.

How IMSWARE can provide appropriate solutions for the important topic of Status management IMS experts Dr. Christof Duvenbeck and Thorsten Hilmer explained in the following article how to create the right conditions for buildings and facilities. For the equally important topics Operator responsibility and data acquisitionMichael Heinrichs illustrated the stumbling blocks that can arise in the perception of the Operator responsibility there. At what depth dates The guest article by Heinrich A. Blase, Commercial Director at DAEDALUS GmbH, explained how the data must be recorded.

Another item on the agenda was the IMSWARE.APPS - the practical companions for the working day. From now on also for contemporary Inventories and inventories with the IMSWARE.APP Inventory as well as the supplement IMSWARE.APP Asset for simplified data acquisition without the need for a preparatory inventory. The day was rounded off with a series of parallel lectures on the following topics IMSWARE.NET, CAD and project solutions with IMSWARE.GO!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous participants and their feedback, because this is the only way we can make ourselves and our solutions even better. We are already looking forward to the 15th IMSWARE user meeting in 2017 and to welcoming you again.

Dr. Christof Duvenbeck new Head of Key Account Management at IMS
Extensive updates for IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO! - User Meeting 2016