Where to go in the cloud?

Where to go in the cloud?

who Cloudservices has the choice between its own server farm or four large so-called hyperscalers: the US-Americans with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud (GC) and Microsoft Azure or the Chinese Alibaba Cloud. In the future, Gaia-X will also offer its services as a French-German-led EU cloud with open source technology and open standards. This raises the question: What solution could or should it be for their own CAFM-Services?

Control and security

In the eyes of many, having one's own data centre has two major advantages: full control and absolute security. However, this is only true to a limited extent. Full control over the installations is usually given. Absolute security, on the other hand, is not guaranteed without further ado. Why?

Cloud security

costs and skill

Security in IT requires, on the one hand, a high willingness to invest on the part of the operator. And it requires very capable administrators. The reason for this is simple: in the context of malware and the like, criminal gangs as well as large government and military units, for example from Russia, China and North Korea, cavort on the web day in and day out, excellently trained in exactly one task: hacking into supposedly secure infrastructures, gladly also in Germany.

Global Player

In view of this threat scenario, there is much to be said for the large, globally active providers. If it weren't for their origins: an at least partially state-controlled company from a dictatorship. And three companies that strive to maximise profits and in whose homeland privacy can hardly be compared to our standards. Espionage and betrayal of secrets seem to be programmed in here as well as there.


The good news is that this worry is not necessary. Anyone in the EU who has a server is subject to the GDPR. And it lays down clear rules on how to deal with personal data. dates and the issue of data protection in general. Incidentally, that was one of the reasons why Microsoft, after putting the "Patriot Act" and its successor "Cloud Act" into effect has increasingly set up servers in Germany: High data protection requirements that are highly relevant for corporate clients (and annoy the US authorities tremendously, as they cannot easily access the data).


Meanwhile are also in the EU Cloud-activities. With the Project Gaia-X is supposed to create an independent, integer and digitally sovereign European cloud. And therein lies the problem: it should. Gaia-X was launched in October 2019 and 20 working groups are currently discussing structure, design, security and various other key issues that are essential for a highly scalable and performant cloud offering. The actual launch of the SAP. Telekom, Siemens, Bosch and Atos is planned for the beginning of 2021, with around 300 companies and organisations from science and industry. Incidentally, these now also include Microsoft and Amazon.

Cloud Service CAFM IMS

The agony of choice

Theoretically, the choice is great. In practice, however, it is not. Because Cloud alone does not make people happy, as for productive and inclusive work with CAFM Another important question to ask is: What does the respective cloud offer in terms of a platform? In other words, which technologies and offerings from other companies can I integrate into my own system landscape via the respective cloud?


Microsoft Azure currently has the broadest offering, which even includes IoT. In addition, the Americans have the most certificates and offer the lowest prices. Their security standards are excellent. The customer base is highly sensitive and therefore extremely demanding, so Azure is currently the cloud service of choice in the context of professional applications.

RIB IMS and Cloud

At IMS, too, we (also) rely on Azure and are part of the platform offered by RIB and integrate further offers. In parallel, on IMS's own machines, we offer hosting and SaaS without third-party service providers. And keep a sensitive eye on developments in the cloud market, because Gaia-X is interesting in any case and other providers could also become important, depending on the future shape of their portfolio.

This gives you as a user the guarantee of being able to operate your application in a secure and high-performance environment that offers you many options for expansion and is optimally probed by us.

Besides safety and power future is also already built in.


Best regards

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Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heinrichs, MA

Michael studied architecture before discovering software for himself - and did so so sustainably that he has been part of the management team at IMS for over ten years. If you don't find Michael in the office or with customers, he's probably out with his family, going scuba diving or skiing enthusiastically in winter.

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