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iTWO fm can do a lot - so that you can use all the advantages as quickly as possible, we have put together frequent questions and answers here for you. This way you can easily get the basic information about the system, gain a quicker insight into the many possibilities and work even more productively with iTWO fm.

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Harald Schmitz
Head of Customer Care

As Head of Customer Care, Harald Schmitz is responsible for all contract customers, management of support and service contract management. In addition, as Release Manager, he is the final decision-maker for the release of new software versions.

Michael Heinrichs
Managing Director

Michael Heinrichs is the managing director responsible for pre-sales and sales. As a graduate engineer (M.Eng.), he has been a lecturer for CAFM for many years.

Bernhard Affelt
authorized officer

Bernhard Affelt is a senior authorised signatory in the sales department of RIB IMS. He plays a leading role in network management and broadband planning.