iTWO fm - Questions and Answers

iTWO fm can do a lot - so that you can use all the advantages as quickly as possible, we have put together frequently asked questions and answers for you here. In this way you can easily get the basic information about the system, gain a quicker insight into the various possibilities and can work even more productively with the iTWO fm.

General questions

Yes. Upon request, we will provide you with the iTWO with your data ready for operation. The Data provision From data acquisition on site to importing existing CAD and Excel data to the transfer of data from obsolete software as part of a "cross-update". And if you like, we even take over the operation of your software in our data center (as SaaS or ASP solution).
Yes, but we prefer to use the term "SaaS" (software-as-a-service) or "ASP" (application-service-providing) instead of "Cloud". This means that your application is hosted in our data center based in Germany in accordance with all legal requirements (such as BDSG). Namely 24/7/365the whole year around the clock. And you do not have to worry about hardware or software. We also take over administration and backup completely for you. All you need is a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. And of course an internet access.

In general: lower than you might think. Because we only train in the areas that you really use. And if you only use our portals, training can be completely eliminated. Basically, an individual training plan goes hand in hand with the successful project introduction. Because only if the software can develop all its capabilities, you have optimal benefits.

RIB IMS GmbH, based in Dinslaken, is one of the leading software and consulting companies in the field CAFM, Real estate management as well as cable and network management e.g. for billing & accounting. As a grown company in the RIB Software SE group, we work for you with more than 2,500 employees and at over 30 locations. Find out more here about us and Our partners, We put a few heads of our team to you here like to. Far over 50,000 users work with our solutions, by the way.

That's one of the most common questions. And we are happy to answer it! Industrial and commercial companies, banks, service providers, cities, municipal utilities and municipalities, clinics as well as churches and social institutions, ministries, transport companies and media outlets as well as customers from many other industries use our solutions. By the way, we introduce you Here are some of our users in front.

This is an acronym for "information and management systems".


This question is asked very often. And you can not answer them that easily. Whenever you need z. If, for example, legal requirements (such as operator responsibility or medical technology) make documentation necessary, software is a good idea. Or if you need to manage more than a few buildings, properties or infrastructure. And if your Excel spreadsheets get over your head, they should think quickly about using a software application. Because: Usually a software amortizes itself after 12-18 months completely, apart from the general added value by software apart. And you have legal certainty right away.

That depends on the individual circumstances. As a net lower limit and under optimal conditions, you should expect a minimum of one month, better three months; a good average is 8-12 months. The full realization of your goals (beyond the mere project introduction) can take several years - because this is an ongoing process.

Well, then you should think about whether this software (still) meets your requirements. If you decide to replace or supplement, this data can be taken over. Or you simply integrate your existing software.

In the respective areas (eg CAFM or Software for municipalities) we offer suitable documents in each case at the bottom of the page. If you want a rough overview, you will find it here.

Yes. For an automated data transfer, iTWO offers a variety of tools to transfer data, for example from Excel, databases or other structured data stocks. Existing CAD drawings can also be integrated and used to build up the database. And on request, we can provide you with the iTWO with your data, turnkey and ready for use.

Fact Check Cloud

The opposite is the case! IT security is a very complex topic, sure. For many (especially smaller) companies this is difficult to represent. For our certified data center or our corporate cloud MTWO, however, it does.

Stay flexible with our cloud solution. You decide for yourself when you want to go to the cloud with your system. Or back again. A hybrid cloud is also possible: parts of your system landscape such as: B. Your accounting will remain in your home.

The migration itself is completed within one day. With our many years of experience, we also like to design this process on a weekend or at night, so that you do not have any loss of your productive environment when switching to the cloud.

To prevent anyone from gaining unauthorized access to your data, our systems are backed up with the highest security standards. On-site access control, redundant connection and strong encryption at bank level included.

Of course, "standard" is a good idea for economic reasons - but we can also customize our standard solution exactly as you would expect from a traditional installation in-house.

With our cloud offer, your data is not somewhere in the data cloud. And certainly not outside the specifications of German data protection law, but only in certified German data centers.

That would be too short. You get the complete maintenance without further effort. And service providers can work from anywhere and import recorded data. Or we can respond quickly to change requests and provide you with improvements without delay. That's software plus service.

Our standard solutions are delivered to you within a few days - even within hours if desired. And module extensions are available to you shortly after request. The connection of new users can be flexibly designed. And if your system needs more power, we can do it quite easily without server relocation and without interruption.

That may be the case with some providers. On the other hand, we can point to 3 important certifications of our data center, which we consider absolutely necessary:

ISO / IEC 27001
These include: cloud services and the hardware needed to provide the services, such as routers and switches.

ISO / IEC 27018
These include: data center and the associated data center infrastructure and the IT systems required for it, such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls and storage.

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015
These include: Information technology services in IT communication

My question is not listed. And now?

Have a look in our WIKI or contact our experts.

Harald Schmitz
Head of Customer Care

Harald Schmitz is the Head of Customer Care responsible for all contract customers, support and service contract management. In addition, as a release manager, he is the final decision maker for the release of new software versions.

Michael Heinrichs
executive Director

Michael Heinrichs is responsible for the areas of pre-sales and sales. As a graduate engineer (M.Eng.) He has been a lecturer for CAFM for many years.

Bernhard Affelt
authorized officer

Bernhard Affelt is the leading authorized signatory in sales of the RIB IMS. He is a leader in network management and broadband planning.

Wolfgang Haehnel
Head of KIRUS

As the KIRUS division manager, Wolfgang Haehnel is responsible for the church and social affairs. He is also active as a certified real estate appraiser.