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A system for CAFM and network-management is only as powerful as its data stock. In order for you to be able to work with the data model that is right for you in the depth and scope you need, we provide you as RIB IMS or together with our partners with diverse dates-services are available. Which services are to be used and how they are to be designed is something we clarify together with you and is always based on your individual requirements. Regardless of whether you need data for CAFM or network management, we support you professionally, goal-oriented and with extensive experience.

Our offer includes

  • Develop data model
  • Mandatory data
  • Optional data
  • Data transfer
  • data collection
  •  CAD-Create plans
  • Laser-assisted measurement
  •  Maps Integration
  •  Escape and rescue plans
  •  Standard planning records

Bring your data together


  •   iTWO
  •   Access, Excel
  •   XLS, CSV, TXT & IFC
  •   diaries
  •   ... other formats

or from ...

  •   Old & fore systems
  •   ERPConnect
  •   CAFM Connect
  •   SAP or Navision
  •   ...over 30 systems

or from ...

  •   DWG
  •   DXF
  •   ifcXML
  •   GIS
  •   ... other formats

iTWO fm achieves a lot - also for you:

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