CAFM modules - Overview

Put your CAFM software together the way you want it. With our support, of course.

CAFM modules

Very easily expanded

Our iTWO fm solution is a modular and logically structured software for CAFM, network planning and management, billing and other tasks. All modules access the same database and operate according to the same standards.

This makes it possible to integrate all available tools seamlessly and to work together smoothly.

Whether in the office or mobile, whether on-premise or from the Cloud.

Every customer uses iTWO fm in their own individual way. The variable surface, the open data management and the numerous modules enable each of you to use the software tailored to your needs and to the maximum benefit. This is the reason why industrial companies as well as municipalities, clinics, retail chains, energy companies, banks, insurance companies, churches, FM service providers, ministries, airports and educational institutions have made iTWO fm their first choice.

How is iTWO fm built up?

The graphic below shows you all available modules. They are arranged according to the usual spectrum of facility management tasks. iTWO fm is built on a flexible base system. You will always receive this with the appropriate possible extensions. When the basic system has been put together, you have numerous options from over 35 modules to put together your personal CAFM software. And because everything meshes neatly, you can use the module overview to plan for the medium and long term in order to gradually adapt your CAFM system even more individually to your requirements.

Base system

≙ basic modules

Ergänz possible additions

Property management

Every data model is different. The iTWO object management module provides the necessary flexibility ...

Reports /
Report generator

Rights management /

Office interfaces


Web technology (HTML5)

workflow management

LDAP interface /
Single sign ON

Import Interface
(Excel, csv, Access)

DMS interfaces

E-workflow interfaces

Dashboard Professional

E-mail interfaces

CAD connection

The CAD module is more than a virtual drawing board ... more information

(Building Information Modeling)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, describes technologies that make it possible, among other things, to make buildings smarter. ...more info

Dashboard designer

All further CAFM modules at a glance

Once you have put together your basic system, you can now expand the CAFM software from over 35 modules according to your needs. Some modules can also be expanded with apps. This makes the management of the property even more efficient.

If you are not sure which modules are suitable for your company or property, you can Contact record with our experts. Together with you they will develop a sustainable solution.

Infrastructural FM
  • locking system management
  • Conference Room Management
  • Fleet management
  • budget management
  • Works beings
  • Action planning
  • Order
  • Warehouse Management - with the App Warehouse
  • Timed billing
  • Warranty Management
  • Rental management including operating cost accounting
  • Contract management
  • Status management
  • ERP interfaces
  • Diocesan budget planning
  • REG-IS interface
  • Technical plant management (TGA)
  • Energy management
  • BMS interfaces
  • Electrical testing (Mebedo interface)
  • Medical
  • Web portal station module
  • Parcel Management
  • Leasehold
  • Land Registry
  • Land Transport
  • Lease
  • Green space management
  • GIS interfaces
  • HelpDesk
  • Asset
  • Inventory

Perfect Network Management and Broadband planning with iTWO fm

iTWO fm supports you not only in the area of facility management. With the network planning in iTWO fm, networks can be easily mapped, simply managed and safely controlled at any time. You can also plan and manage the necessary broadband expansion perfectly with iTWO fm. iTWO fm is designed precisely for the requirements of fiber optic networks.

  • Network Management
  • Patch Cable Management
  • VLAN
  • VOIP
  • distribution view
  • Web portal network management
  • FTTx planning / documentation / basis
  • Automated FTTx planning
  • Revision

GEFMA 444 certified!

iTWO fm  is the in all 17 criteria catalogs GEFMA 444 certified. The first certification of iTWO fm according to the directive GEFMA 444 is also the fifth recertification and thus the sixth certification for the software itself, as iTWO fm is the new name for the well-known CAFM software IMSWARE.

GEFMA 444 certified CAFM software 2010bis2209 RGB CAFM modules »RIB IMS

iTWO fm

Our solution for operation and maintenance

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