Clever graphics for a better overview.

Man is a visual being. Therefore, CAD plans facilitate work in the Facility Management essential. With them, employees can orient themselves more easily, make decisions with greater certainty, carry out their tasks more quickly and create reliable results. And with the module CAD, they do even more: plans can be easily changed and new content easily added. And that alphanumerically as well as graphically. Because the CAD module is fully integrated iTWO fm integrated.

The basis: seeing

What I see, I can understand. Especially in the complex real estate context, this motto is of central importance for many users. The CAD module shows area and room views in which the user can move around. Zoom-in creates precise insight, zoom-out a secure overview. And depending on the linked dates and documents, the CAD module provides detailed additional information with every mouse click. Quick and simple.

To edit

The CAD module is a complete CAD tool with which 2D and 3D models can be created, edited, imported and exported. Its range of functions is in line with the market and it is native in iTWO fm integrated. All components displayed can be linked alphanumerically and graphically. The module shows how powerful it really is when you use it to create new objects - from chairs to entire storeys. Directly in the CAD plan.


The CAD module is more than a virtual drawing board. Fully integrated in iTWO fm, it provides relevant data for every view - especially important when the representation is detailed: In addition to surfaces, doors and windows, chairs, tables, fire dampers and much more can be inserted. And linked to the stored data, the CAD module becomes an important information centre, as your decisions are always based on a solid foundation. This is how professional CAFM.

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