Energy management

Energy is constantly becoming more expensive, and regulatory requirements and laws are inflating the cost of energy. costs additionally. Accordingly, successful energy management requires comprehensive planning and careful day-to-day support.

Simply control energy management.

Your dates at a glance. At any time.

Classic media such as oil, gas, water and district heating can be recorded with meters, automatically queried and stored in IMSWARE import. In addition, employees, tenants or service providers can enter current consumption values in the individual input masks of the IMSWARE web portal.


IMSWARE forms complex supply correlations alphanumerically and graphically off. This makes them transparent, weak points can be easily determined and recommendations for action can be derived. The basis for this is your freely defined, logical hierarchies, which IMSWARE supports you in creating.

With dashboards, target/actual comparisons and benchmarks, IMSWARE provides you with numerous evaluations up to a meaningful energy report. The system can start event-driven alerts and helps you to develop new supply concepts. In this way, you can act economically in the long term.

Screenshots energy management

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