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Anyone who wants to manage areas and rooms efficiently needs a variety of information as a basis. Because areas are used differently, at different times and they are subject to various ownership and usage requirements. The IMSWARE space management module enables you to have the necessary professional space and space management. Comprehensive catalogs, standard reports and key figures create the basis for sensible decisions, clear cost management and secure control of rental contracts including utility billing. All of that, of course DIN 277 or MF / G classifications.

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What is where?

Professional space and space management with IMSWARE provides you with a wide range of information about your building stock. The range of services offered by IMSWARE area management is very broad, from the complete inventory overview and the electronic room book to the option of differentiating areas and uses in terms of color, breaking down according to standards and preparing areas in CAD plans. So you always know what's going on.


How much is this?

Those who know their areas know their costs. With the IMSWARE space management module, you control your space usage transparently and have heating costs, electricity consumption, community costs and more in mind at all times. Alphanumeric, graphic and combined evaluations provide you with relevant key figures, evaluations of income and expenditure create a financial overview. So you always know what costs how much.

Who pays what?

Not every space is used by its owner: Regardless of whether you manage your property, whether you rent, lease or yourself are the landlord, the IMSWARE space management module reliably supports you with each of these options, of course also in combination. You classify areas according to DIN 277, calculate temporary use of space according to cost centers and keep an overview. So you know exactly who pays what.


  • Ensure optimal performance of devices and systems
  • Reduce maintenance and repair expenses
  • Increased security as part of operator responsibility
  • Effective staff support
  • Cost transparency and comparison with a variety of evaluation options

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