Maintenance management

Only if the technical and commercial facilities of a property work reliably can a building be used sensibly in the long term. Professional maintenance ensures the safe functioning of all components, saves time and creates transparency in damage frequency, downtimes and costs. With the module Maintenance management as a component of the technical FM of iTWO fm, you keep track of all upcoming measures and know exactly who is responsible for what.

Stationary or mobile, PC, tablet or smartphone. The more flexibly maintenance can be managed and tracked, the faster and more effective it is. This applies to equipment, installations, safety devices, windows, doors and everything else in the building that needs to function smoothly in the long term. Also with the important topic of Operator responsibility the module is a central pillar for creating legal certainty.

Thanks to a REG-IS integration, all legally relevant specifications are also available object-specifically and in the currently valid version. The Maintenance module supports you in all these aspects and offers much more.

Maintenance management with iTWO fm overview

Limitless possibilities for an optimal Maintenance management

Contracts, manuals, maintenance instructions, technical and commercial dates - all this is integrated in the maintenance module. This means that those responsible always have the necessary documents at hand and can make decisions immediately. So you always have everything with you. All data and documents can be directly assigned to each object or process, so that you can access everything relevant at any time and are thus on the safe side.

To ensure that no disruption goes unnoticed, the iTWO fm its own fault reporting portal. In parallel, the system can work together with the building management system to automatically query operating states and independently register any faults.

iTWO fm manages maintenance plans including escalation scenarios, helps to plan your technicians' deployments, hire contractors and control them. And even later, thanks to the evaluation and reporting tools, you can see what happened when and how it was resolved.

Maintenance management with iTWO fm dashboard

Maintenance plans support you in the creation of work orders

With the help of maintenance plans, cyclically occurring (collective) work orders can be generated automatically. Depending on the setting, the items, material or activities contained are also automatically transferred.

The module can be differentiated between planned and unplanned maintenance. Planned maintenance includes, among other things, activity planning and operator responsibility. The smooth operation, activity planning and the analysis of the malfunction capabilities is assigned to unplanned maintenance. In planned maintenance, the order is automatically generated and assigned to an employee. The employee processes it and when it is completed, the next order is updated to the next date.

In unplanned maintenance, users report malfunction messages to a control centre. This centre coordinates the reports, summarises them and dispatches them as work orders to departments or clerks or external companies. After processing, the control centre takes over communication with the detector. For smaller companies, the control centre can also be omitted, in which case the users create work orders directly, which, depending on the type of fault, end up in the right department.

Maintenance measures always keep an eye on

Which tasks are acute? Who can be found where? Questions like these are answered immediately by the Maintenance Management module. And many other questions as well. In addition, iTWO fm monitors current work, sends orders, can escalate, sends memos and, if time is exceeded, alerts to those responsible. And for added transparency, it also offers a graphical display.

It holds all the documents that belong to your objects: Contracts and manuals as well as maintenance instructions and inspection reports. And it integrates photos for clear identification and as proof of work. So everything remains safely in view - in the office, on the construction site and everywhere else.

The building operation to ensure

Whether function, safety or operator responsibility - the maintenance module ensures that everything runs optimally. It integrates your own staff, external companies and service providers. It provides evaluations and reports and can be used for cost comparisons and benchmarking. Facilities run optimally, costs are reduced, safety increases, maintenance is transparent. And you stay on the safe side.

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