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Chairs, tables, machines, computers, medical devices - depending on the company and industry, the most diverse things are in one CAFM system record and manage in it. This requires powerful and flexible software that adapts to rapidly changing requirements. And that supports inventorying with barcodes, scanning, cloud functionalities and dedicated apps. The IMSWARE inventory management module offers all of this.

Inventory management software.

Your data at a glance. At any time.


We have to pick up and locate the fire extinguishers. After the move, the new furniture needs to be added. And what exactly do we have? - The IMSWARE inventory management module supports you with workflows for checking, adding and deleting, as well as templates for locations, classes and much more. It is flanked by the optimally integrated app inventory, which also records offline what needs to be taken into account. So they are quick, flexible and accurate. Precision as standard.


To update

Old goes, new comes - inventory is constantly changing. So that your CAFM system is always up to date, you can react directly with the IMSWARE inventory management module: Print blank barcodes and add new elements to them. After the scan, you can freely enter what it is with the App Inventory, or simply select from the extensive template catalog and adjust the entries. Data is up to date so quickly.


How many fire dampers do we have? Where are the height-adjustable desks located? Do you have detailed questions or want a global overview? The IMSWARE inventory management module delivers exactly what you need at the push of a button. With flexible searches and various display options, you receive tables, graphs, diagrams, can generate histories and evaluate costs. You are always in control and always know what to do. This is professional CAFM.


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