Property management

Know what is where. Always.

Whether doors and windows, building services or furnishings - every property contains a large number of objects. The iTWO fm module object management enables you to oversee them. It's deep in iTWO fm integrates and provides extensive information, from locations and documents to data on installation and maintenance to those responsible. Above all, however, it fulfills a central requirement of facility management: the property management module is extremely flexible!

The basis: flexibility

Every data model is different. The object management module brings the necessary flexibility with it. Users can freely choose and set their navigation tree. New objects and object classes can also be created, from wall and floor coverings to technical equipment and IoT components. And since time is money, templates make input easier. The results are realized faster - and you are securely positioned.

Assistance included

The object management module offers a wide range of assistance to accelerate work and solve it in a result-oriented manner. Location classes and connection to the room are automatically available for selection. Objects can be stored graphically. Alpha-numeric evaluations are carried out with just a few clicks of the mouse. Even the scale of a graphic can be changed dynamically with the scroll wheel of the mouse. This makes operation extremely convenient, flexible and fast. For better success.

Adaptable for BIM

The Object Management module is also flexible when it comes to handling data: It imports and exports data in various formats. Global parameters for the graphic can be edited and mapped centrally - this is important in order to correctly assign data from an architect to the attributes and nomenclature of the respective data model in iTWO fm, for example. In times of BIM, this flexibility is particularly important. That is why the property management module already has the future on board.


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