Technical asset management

Control work processes sustainably and flexibly

Technical plant management is a central discipline of facility management. Obtained with IMSWARE Maintenance management and if necessary, the construction department also has a quick and precise overview of the existing technical systems, their location, the respective condition and upcoming work - in short: extensive control.

Easy handling of TGA.

Your data at a glance. At any time.


Know what for

Technical plant management is used for mass management and the better handling of technical plants in a building or company. In order to reproduce the internal structures and approaches to these systems, flexible software is essential. Because only when processes and data are tailored and transparently available can technical systems be efficiently controlled and confidently managed in the long term. This is exactly where IMSWARE supports you.


Know how

The technical system management module in IMSWARE creates efficiency and transparency: Whether cost groups according to DIN, maintenance companies, business units or other parameters - IMSWARE presents you with exactly the units and content you need now. The TGA tree in IMSWARE supports this as well as the integration of existing ones CAD plans. This makes your work even easier. And the results are saved faster.

to take advantage

As you can see, the Technical Plant Management module creates a better handling of your TGA, because it maps structures clearly and if desired also visually, supports them with reminders and control routines and makes all relevant data available at all times. Because the clearly assigned dependencies provide a quick overview, reliable insight and a reliable view. IMSWARE - that makes the difference.


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Screenshots technical plant management

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