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From here to there. Very easily.

Reconstruction, extension, new construction, reorganization, new team cutting - there are many reasons that make small and large moves necessary. The IMSWARE relocation management module supports you with a wide range of functions and services that make planning easy, reliable implementation and verifiable results. This minimizes downtimes and ensures business success. Very easily.

Room and relocation management for your facility management.

Your data at a glance. At any time.

Wrap up

Relocations are complex. With the IMSWARE relocation management module, you can plan all relocation activities professionally. From packing lists to transport logistics to construction at the new location. Numerous functions support you from CAD- Views up to the possibility to print plans and lists. This way your service providers know what to do. And you have a reliable view of everything. Certainly.



What has to go where? Which furniture is where? Which box is to be cleared where? And who connects what? With the IMSWARE relocation management module, you plan and organize all questions relating to the new locations transparently and safely in advance. Your service providers and employees are already in the picture in advance, do all the tasks as planned and you can continue your business on time. Quite reliable.


Furniture, machines, cardboard boxes and equipment are in the new location, the business continues as usual. Now the evaluation follows: What costs have arisen? What damage has been done? Where have agreements not been kept? With the IMSWARE relocation management module and IMSWARE.APP ASSET you have all contracts, protocols, statistics, locations and photo documentation at hand. You can react adequately - your added security. Just perfect.


  • Self-service solution
  • Planning with packing lists
  • commissioning
  • evaluation
  • With accompanying app

Screenshots relocation management

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