iTWO fm and ERP systems

Two worlds. A software.

iTWO fm is a modular software for facility and network management, but that's not all: With iTWO fm you can also support essential areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in parallel.

With iTWO fm you can select, merge, integratively evaluate and use the data from financial, BMS and HR systems with those from production planning and management for your ERP and use it for control processes.

iTWO fm can also be scaled as required in ERP use, individualized via variable access rights and of course also used via the web.

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ERP system and iTWO fm

iTWO fm & ERP system– Your advantages:

  •   Clear documentation
  •   Easy integration
  •   Direct benefit
  •   Cloud connectivity
  •   Financial, GLT and HR systems
  •   Production planning and management
  •   Integration of control processes
  •   scalable

ERP with iTWO fm

Various companies use iTWO fm in the context of the Enterprise Resource Planning. They control a wide variety of processes, from industrial applications to those in the housing industry.

ERP applications are naturally complex and very individual. We would be happy to explain to you what exactly iTWO fm can do for your ERP in a personal meeting.

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