Apps for the Facility Management

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Our apps bring more flexibility and independence to your Facility management. Because some tasks have very specific requirements and are best handled with a solution tailored specifically to them: with an app.

The apps support you in such tasks. They are available for a range of standard applications - as your special mobile solution "out of the box". Cleaning, Energy management, maintenanceInventory, stocktaking, warehouse or help desk are part of this, but we also develop individual solutions for specific customer requirements.

And so that you, your employees and also your service providers can benefit optimally from our apps, they are available for both Android and iOS.

Apps for the FM

Your Advantages with our apps:

  •   Solutions for specific tasks
  •   Easy integration
  •   High benefit
  •   Mobile Facility Management
  •   Maintenancemaintenance, inventory, energy, etc.
  •   Native for Android and iOS
  •   Seamless integration via web
  •   Easy administration
  •   Offline-capable
  •   Optimal transparency
Apps for Facility Management

Mobile CAFM

Mobile solutions for Maintenance, repair and energy have become indispensable in facility management.

Our apps support employees and service providers effectively and specifically from data collection and matching, barcode- and RFID-flanked inventory and cleaning, maintenance to fleet management. The apps precisely map the areas of operation and use proven dialogues to ensure that all work is done correctly.

Real-time interaction makes the apps particularly effective: Employees can dates which are immediately available in the main system. You can order follow-up work and add photos. And work orders can be updated on-demand, including GPS assistance for accurate indoor and outdoor orientation. If there is temporarily no network available, the apps also run offline and transfer all new data at the next network contact. Fully integrated and yet independent, is iTWO fm App the perfect complement to iTWO fm.

Apps in Overview

You too can increase the efficiency of your Facility management with our apps.

Easy to handle

Intuitive, clear, safe


Clever architecture, optimally integrated

Maintenance, maintenance and much more

Many jobs, many specialists.

Overview of apps of the RIB IMS


For smartphones and tablet PCs

Apple iOS

Usable on iPhone and iPad


Results - fast and reliable

As a counterpart to the module warehouse management, the app maps relevant processes related to warehouse management and goods traffic directly online. Among other things, the app can be used on a compatible smartphone or tablet PC to book goods receipts, inventory and store quantity and individual items, transfer, issue and take back items. Delivery notes can be filed as photo attachments and receipts can be generated and signed directly in the end device without paper.

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