Mobile Facility Management with the Maintenance app.

The Maintenance app is the optimal, mobile addition to the iTWO fm - with a range of uses from facility management and CAFM / IWMS / CMMS to property management and real estate management and cable and network management. Thanks to its simple operation, anyone can use and manage the app without any problems.

App maintenance maintenance

With these functions, Maintenance a breeze

Would you like to be able to control your workflow regardless of location? The Maintenance app gives you the opportunity to get the most out of it with minimal effort. The Maintenance app communicates with yours via web service iTWO fm Server and is able to process processes from maintenance, cleaning management or fault reports, record working times, acknowledge work orders, work through checklists, perform operator responsibility tasks, obtain signatures, forward processes, capture photos and much more.

The Maintenance app supports the iTWO fm maintenance management mobile via smartphones and tablets. The implementation of the inspection and maintenance work on site, the implementation of internal work orders from fault reports as well as the reporting of faults are supported.

No Internet connection? With the Synchronization no problem!

Most employees know the problem. You want to do your work, but you are in a basement or in a room where no internet connection is available. So how is the job supposed to be carried out correctly without forgetting, looking up or logging anything? Very easily! The Maintenance app also works completely offline. If there is an internet connection, the information between the iTWO fm database and the app is compared. New work orders (from fault reports and from tests / maintenance) are specifically transferred to the app of the assigned employee and entries on work orders that have already been completed are transferred from the app to the iTWO fm database (synchronization). After synchronization, the app can be used offline (without radio connection). The relevant data is temporarily stored in the Maintenance app and can be added until the next synchronization takes place.

IMSWARE APP Maintenance - overview
APP Maintenance overview

Work orders control and do it from anywhere

Internal work orders can be read and processed with the Maintenance app. During processing, the relevant information is recorded, the status is changed (open, completed) and the working times for implementation can be recorded. This is not only advantageous for the person carrying out the work, who has a better overview of all orders, but also in order to be able to better schedule and assess the same or similar tasks in the future. Overall, your workflow will be optimized so that costs can be saved.

In the work orders for inspections and maintenance, the work cards are displayed item by item. Each position can be documented in the form of “OK”, “Not OK”. If an item is marked with "Not OK", a deficiency can be recorded, which triggers a new procedure for rectification in iTWO fm. The message recording offers extensive configuration options. Among other things, it can be set centrally whether certain fields should be displayed at all and / or checked as mandatory fields. In addition, the object concerned can be selected and assigned to the message directly within the scope of the message recording. Photos can also be stored in the fault report. This not only significantly minimizes rework, but also increases the quality of the report, which in turn leads to more effective processing. it also increases the quality of the report and ensures more effective processing.

If the job is transferred to another person, it is immediately clear what to do. Every step can be documented, thus ensuring smooth operations.

App maintenance

You don't know which object should be checked or repaired?

Thanks to barcodes, you can find the object directly without having to search for a long time.

You have the order to check a specific device in the device warehouse. But the device is available several times in the warehouse. Which device has to be checked exactly? With the help of the barcode function, you can simply scan the barcode on the device. By scanning the barcode, the app selects the associated work order for the object. Other filters enable z. B. a quick finding of work orders for the building or the surrounding area. This saves you time and enables you to work more effectively.

Functions and benefits

  •   Easy handling / usability
  •   Usable online and offline
  •   Communication with iTWO fm in real time
  •   Fault messages
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