Warehouse Management - with the App Warehouse with the Warehouse app.

With the new Warehouse app, warehouse management in CAFM from RIB IMS mobile. As a counterpart to the module warehouse management, the app maps relevant processes related to warehouse management and goods traffic directly online. Among other things, the app can be used on a compatible smartphone or tablet PC to book goods receipts, inventory and store quantity and individual items, transfer, issue and take back items. Delivery notes can be filed as photo attachments and receipts can be generated and signed directly in the end device without paper.

With the Warehouse app, they have created the mobile counterpart to warehouse management in iTWO fm. From now on, you can easily manage your stored items (single or bulk items) directly on site.

You would like to have an overview of all goods? With goods receipt, goods issue and transfer posting, you have an overview of all transactions at all times and can create new entries. Delivery notes can be easily photographed and are available archived in iTWO fm. Goods can be inventoried and stored. With receipts available online in the app, paperless signatures can be captured directly on the device.

Mobile warehouse management with App Warehouse

Warehouse management - Everywhere and anytime

The Warehouse app is available in several languages. This means that you can also control and overview your warehouse management for all employees at many different locations internationally.

The Warehouse app supports you in your daily warehouse tasks and is fully integrated into iTWO fm. The Warehouse app communicates via WebService with your iTWO fm server. Thus all mobile dates also available directly in iTWO fm. Accordingly, you always work with the most up-to-date database, regardless of whether you have one or ten smartphones or tablets in use. The service can only be used with a valid iTWO fm database.

Use the number of devices that best suits your warehouse size and order volume - the performance of the App Warehouse grows along with your needs and is perfectly scalable.

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workflow - Perfect Your warehouse management

Thanks to the Warehouse app, receiving goods is child's play. When goods are received, you check your items to see if they match the order. High-quality items can be checked individually and marked with an barcode can be provided. Every process is saved in the app and available for later views. This means that no more data is lost. Once the process is completed, the items can be assigned to the warehouse. If desired, the employee confirms the goods receipt to the supplier. Stocks are transferred to the system via the goods receipt entry. These stock items can be handed out to persons via goods issue. These items can be returned to the warehouse stock via the goods return.

The Warehouse app also makes outgoing goods much easier: desired items that are to be issued are grouped together in the app and can then be transferred. Higher-value items are issued individually and, if necessary, assigned to the recipient for better tracking. All other items are only reduced in quantity in the warehouse. Once the goods issue is complete, the warehouse clerk and the recipient receive a (paperless) receipt of the goods issue.

A (paperless) receipt is also available for the return of goods. Goods that are to be taken back are assigned a storage location and can thus be sorted again without any problems. Each step is visible in the Warehouse app. If the stock of an item needs to be corrected, you can use the stock correction function.

Warehouse management with the Warehouse app

You would like items move?

This is also possible with the Warehouse app. With the "Transfer" function, you have numerous options. Items can easily be transferred from one storage location to another. Again, for high-value items, the items are selected individually and transported to the warehouses. All other articles are checked by quantity comparison. The process can be confirmed (paperless).

If minimum quantities are not reached when issuing goods, order suggestions can be generated automatically to trigger the required ordering processes.



Functions and benefits

  •   Mobile Warehouse Management
  •   Management of quantity and single items
  •   Post goods receipts and goods issues
  •   Archiving of delivery notes as photo attachments
  •   Inventory and store new goods
  •   Transfer, issue and take back articles
  •   Capture receipts paperless with signatures on the machine
  •   Multilingual, usable internationally
  •   Barcode scanner
  • Central control and monitoring
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