iTWO fm interfaces

So that you can use the best of your software worlds, iTWO fm offers you many interfaces to third-party systems. This includes systems such as ERP, FIBU and SAP. But also GIS, GLT or your entire telephone system.

The data transfer from and to other systems takes place via CSV, XML, CAFM-Connect, IFC or web service. If you have a different data format, we will create the right interface for your system. Because that too is iTWO fm: flexible for your future.

Let's talk about your target, and we help you to achieve it.

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iTWO fm interfaces - your advantages:

  •   Numerous interfaces out-of-the-box
  •   Flexible individual interfaces
  •   Offline and online
  •   Secure connection
  •   Easy integration
  •   Direct benefit
  •   ERP / FiBu, SAP, iTWO 4.0, Navision, Diamant / 3
  •   CAD, DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC / xml
  •   BIM, IFC2x3, IFC4
  •   DMS, GIS
  •   BMS, building automation
  •   Locking systems, time & access
  •   Fuel cards, fleet management
  •   Staff, billing, telephony
  •   DCIM, data center
  •   Energy controlling, CO²
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Synchronous with third party systems

The iTWO fm interfaces enable your employees to work in the systems they are familiar with. At the same time, your facility or network management supports its tasks with a state-of-the-art application.

It is important here: With the iTWO fm you are able to include relevant data from other systems in your own work. And to play back important data from iTWO fm in other systems.

This keeps the data in sync and allows everyone to do their job optimally.

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iTWO fm does a lot - for you too:

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