Internet of Things

Make buildings smarter

The Internet of Things, IoT for short, refers to technologies that make it possible, among other things, to make buildings smarter. More comfort, more safety, better energy balances are some of the benefits that IoT offers the user. The integration of IoT is easy today:

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Sensors and actuators are just as clever as their control software. Heat, CO2 concentration, pressure, movement - many things can be queried and evaluated. WLAN connection creates additional flexibility. And best of all, investments are surprisingly low.


Of course, with IoT also taxes and rules. Actuators take over these activities. They adjust heating and air conditioning systems, move the sunscreen, level liquid levels and much more. These work with Wi-Fi (or LoRa) and create great benefits with small investments.


Sensors and actuators are just as clever as their control software. The CAFM system IMSWARE integrates various IoT technologies and networks them with the data that the system itself holds. This creates a complex database for precise decisions - and for optimal control processes.

Application examples Internet of Things

Indoor navigation and bed tracking

The Internet of Things is already helping out in clinics today. By means of sensors, beds can be tracked and located at any time. And if they need to be fetched, indoor navigation coupled with a smartphone app helps to orientate themselves in the object.


Everything clean?

Know MRSA patients

Has an MRSA patient with IoT day used the clinic bed? If so, IoT sensors automatically trigger a decontamination job. So everyone stays healthy.

Every room occipied?

Room reservation

Is someone in the conference room? CO2 sensors measure the air quality in the seminar room or patient room and remove unused reservations.

Everybody there?

Staff presence

Pressure sensors in the chair or feedback from the docking station automatically book employees as present. This saves the time clock.

Everything OK?

Preventive Maintenance

Sensors in the building technology announce early, if something does not run smoothly. So is timely serviced or repaired and everything runs smoothly.

Preventive, Predictive, AI & Co.


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