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3D modelling is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation (height, width, depth) of a physical object.

The 3D model can be created by hand, for example with clay and other materials, or it can be created digitally. The creation of the digital version is called 3D Computer Aided Design (3d-CAD).

3D CAD has been around for some time. It has mainly been used to create models of real objects, but is also used by architects and designers to create 3D models of buildings or virtual reality games.

  • Some of the advantages of 3D modelling are that it can be used to create accurate replicas of objects, places or buildings, it is an effective way to visualise products or interiors and the models are usually easy to edit using various software tools.
  • A major disadvantage of 3D modelling is that it takes more time than other methods, as you need to spend time both creating the model and moving it into the desired position.

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3D model