Articial Building Intelligence with iTWO fm

7D-BIM expands the 6D-BIM Model around the area of the Facility Management (often the Maintenance).

7D-BIM is currently the latest evolutionary stage in building and data modelling that promises to change the way we think about construction and building management. One of the biggest issues with buildings today is the safe maintenance of available assets, their cost-effective operation and energy consumption. With 7D-BIM, real estate managers can see where they can make changes to reduce their energy consumption, perform maintenance in a planned manner and reduce the associated costs lower.

The building block for this is often an integrated CAFM software which are supported by the Facility Management of the company is looked after. Facility managers are responsible for the maintenance, monitoring and maintenance of buildings to maintain their condition for future use. They often work closely with architects, engineers, builders, property managers and the municipality to provide the best possible environment for building occupants.

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