administrative reform

An administrative reform is the reorganization of the public administration in terms of its structure or process of organization. Often the concept of household reforms is subsidized by "DOPPIK" or "NSM".

The objectives of administrative reform can vary considerably depending on the actor and the situation. In the administrative reform of 1952, for example, five provinces and countries were created in the GDR from the East, and the "democratic (Soviet) sector" of Berlin formed the 15 districts that existed until 1990. In the Federal Republic in the 1960s and 1970s approaches of territorial (eg municipal mergers) and functional reforms dominated (eg relocation of tasks between the administrative levels federal, state and local). At the same time, an attempt was made to focus the administration more on rational planning, which, however, failed in the face of the economic crisis of the mid-1970s. In this context, the work of the project group government and administrative reform can be seen. The transformation of the administration of the New Länder after reunification and thus the expansion of the West German administrative system into East Germany is also an administrative reform.

The administrative sciences are scientifically concerned with the reform of public administrations and develop practical proposals for changing the administration.
A distinction can be made between internal reforms, functional reforms, structural reforms and territorial reforms. In doing so, internal reforms aim at changing internal processes, at functional reforms tasks are shifted between administrative levels (eg between ministries and central authorities or central authorities and municipalities), structural reforms intervene in the external structure of the administration, territorial reforms change the layout of territorial jurisdictions (municipalities). , District and government district blanks).

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