Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

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Augmented reality ("AR") and Virtual reality ("VR") are not new technologies. They have been used for many years in various fields such as entertainment, medicine, military and education.

  • AR systems are also used to create interactive 3D models of physical spaces for architectural or interior design projects, for example in a BIM-model. This is then combined with the real environment so that the virtual model and reality merge.
  • VR systems are used to simulate a complete, computer-generated image, as well as sound and other components, through the use of (optimally) 360-degree video technology analogous to AR. An embedding in "reality" does not take place.

Nike uses AR to promote basketball games by projecting virtual basketball courts onto the floor. McDonald's, on the other hand, uses AR for its Happy Meal campaign by projecting virtual characters onto the burger boxes, which then interact with children in the shop. The most popular use of VR is currently for gaming, for example as a complement to the current PlayStation, as VR provides a platform for creating immersive and interactive virtual reality games.

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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality