Degree of qualification of the examiner

The Industrial Safety Ordinance requires testing of work equipment by "qualified persons". The level of proficiency is to be seen depending on the equipment and the type of test.

The term "qualified person" essentially replaces the previous term of the "expert" used in particular in the Berufsgenossenschaft regulations.

Qualified person within the meaning of the Operational Safety Ordinance (§2, paragraph 7) is a person who has the necessary specialist knowledge for the examination of work equipment through their vocational training, their professional experience and their timely professional activity. The qualified person must regularly inspect and assess the work equipment of the relevant type and design and be in a position to determine the type of test, the scope of the test, the depth of the test and the inspection intervals.

The qualified person must be able to identify the state of the art in their test area at any time.

See also proficiency level 1, proficiency level 2 and proficiency level 3.

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