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English, abbreviation for "Computer Aided Facility Management": CAFM is the support of the Facility Management through information technology in the form of a computer programme consisting of a database and a user interface. The focus is on providing information about the facilities and supporting work processes.

The frequently asked question "What is CAFM?" cannot be answered unambiguously because CAFM Manufacturer different functions often under supposedly the same module name to offer. A first aid for orientation can be the certification to GEFMA 444 represent.

The programme is called CAFM software, CAFM application or CAFM system. Some software manufacturers also speak of "IWMS" (Integrated Workplace Management System), whereby this term was first coined by a marketing and research company.

After the directive GEFMA 444, the following modules or catalogues, among others, are part of a CAFM software:

As a facility manager, you are responsible for keeping your building in top condition. For this reason, you need CAFM software to make your work easier.

CAFM software is the perfect choice for you because it is cost-effective, easy to use and integrate, and powerful. It helps you connect your ERP system to get the best possible results. Use CAFM software for all your asset needs - from general administration, accounting, maintenance management, rental management, inventory management to more complex services like project lifecycle management. With CAM software, you can track current breakdowns and take preventive Maintenance manage with minimal effort. With our software you never have to worry about the budgeting or collecting reports, as it offers cost-saving features that help you conserve and save resources.

We offer a modern computerised facility management softwareto help building owners and facility managers large and small plan, execute and monitor all activities in their buildings. Our technology helps them, costs to reduce the operational efficiency and sustainability and to increase the power in the workplace with a comprehensive set of tools.

Our software was developed with the facility manager in mind. It helps them plan, execute and monitor all activities in the future - from scheduling to maintenance, repairs, security and waste management. The CAFM software enables managers to cut costs, reduce downtime and improve the company's carbon footprint. Features include mobile capabilities, intelligent planning and scheduling, advanced IoT data analytics tools for predictive maintenance, geographic information mapping and more.

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