engl., abbreviation for "Computer Aided Facility Management": CAFM is the support of facility management by information technology in the form of a computer program consisting of a database and a user interface. The focus is on providing information about facilities and supporting work processes.

The frequently asked question "What is CAFM?" Can not be answered clearly CAFM Manufacturer different functions often among supposedly same module name to offer. A first aid for orientation can be the certification according to GEFMA 444.

The program is referred to as CAFM software, CAFM application or CAFM system. Some software manufacturers also refer to "IWMS" (Integrated Workplace Management System), which term was first coined by a marketing and research company.

According to the GEFMA 444 guideline, the following (certifiable) modules or catalogs are part of a CAFM software:

  • basic catalog
  • space management
  • Maintenance management
  • inventory management
  • cleaning management
  • Room and asset reservation
  • locking system management
  • move management
  • Rental management
  • energy controlling
  • Safety and occupational safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Help and Service Desk
  • Budget management and cost tracking
  • BIM data processing
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